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HURRY2 MAO is a proprietary form of energy patch using nanotechnology from Japan which emits nano energies at specific acupuncture points of the body that can alleviate sexual impotence in men and enhance sexual wellness of women by increasing blood flow to the acupuncture points and initiate a correction to the energy flow that connects to the various sexual organs.

How Does HURRY2 MAO Work?

The nanotech materials in HURRY2 MAO work as an alternative acupuncture therapy to restore the flow of energy in the body and initiate a correction to our imbalances.

By applying HURRY2 MAO patches onto the indicated acupunture points, HURRY2 MAO patches remove blockages and imbalances in the qi energy that connects the various organs.

After the blockages and the energy imbalances have been removed, the sexual energy is able to flow smoothly. It is through this way HURRY2 MAO patches help to increase sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Application Method

  • Place one HURRY2 MAO patch each on the body at the specific acupuncture points as shown.
  • Apply HURRY2 MAO patch to clean and dry skin. 
  • The patches may be worn up to 8 hours everyday.
  • Keep well hydrated while using HURRY2 MAO.


  • Due to the 24/7 working lifestyles, low sex drive is more common than ever. No matter what are the reasons or conditions that prevent you from having good sex, HURRY2 MAO patches are the only alternative solution for you.
  • The most appealing qualities of HURRY2 MAO patches is the 0% risk of adverse reaction or side effects and proven immediate results.
  • The one thing that HURRY2 MAO patches are different from all other products available in the market is that HURRY2 MAO uses the latest nanotechnology and works synergistically with the rationale of acupuncture therapy to treat the cause of a health concern along with a branch (or the symptoms) of a health concern. It is in this way that HURRY2 MAO patches differentiate itself from all others products in the market.  
  • Our product users feedback to us with better feeling of their whole body and mind, rather than just a symptom. 

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SIRIM QAS certified (heavy metal test). UKM UNIPEQ Porcine Test (halal).